VIII International Conference Cloud & Digital Transformation 2019

The 8th annual international conference  and exhibition

Cloud & Digital Transformation

March, 28, 2019


Organizer: IKS-MEDIA

The objectives of the conference:
• To discuss the current trends of enterprises business transformation, the emergence of new models of providing services to customers, radically changing the traditional approaches of doing business in various sectors of the economy
• To study best practices of Digital Enterprise: the most effective models and solutions, the return on investment from IT projects in the context of changing role of it in business. 
• To examine options of transformation models for providing IT services and transition to cloud infrastructure, optimize IT-infrastructure costs
• Be aware of new challenges for the CIO 
• To assess the risks of moving to the cloud and solve security questions
• Consider mobile solutions and devices as a business tool
• Professionally discuss existing cloud applications and access to them
• To discuss the prospects of cloud services in the world and in Russia: problems and new opportunities
• Learn from providers and users the latest domestic and foreign cloud solutions cases
At the conference there will be round tables and thematic discussions with leading experts.

Participants of the conference: IT-directors, CIOs, leaders of IT infrastructure and information system support services, leading industry experts and analysts, owners and top-managers of providers and data centers, representatives of major solutions vendors. Expected auditory is more than 350 participants.


The main topics of the conference:


Digital transformation:
  • Uberification as a trend
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • IoT. Analytics
Cloud providers and services: 
  • The current state of the Cloud Providing in Russia.
  • The growing points for the provider’s business. From Colo to Cloud. 
  • How to choose the Provider? What does the client want from the provider today?
  • SaaS for B2B
  • Servers and Storage systems. Converged and hyperconverged systems. 
  • Network infrastructure for the cloud. SDN и NFV
  • IaaS-platforms
  • Open architecture and software (OCP, Open19, OpenStack…)
Enterprise mobility:
  • BYOD
  • Mobile devices and applications Management
  • Cross-platform enterprise mobile applications
Geographically distributed clouds:
  • Disaster recovery. Ensuring business continuity in the cloud. 
  • Hybrid cloud 
  • Edge Computing
  • Mobile device Security
  • Data security in commercial data centers and in the cloud
  • Cloud services of security
  • Security and blockchain

Should you have any questions on sponsor and delegate participation please contact commercial department of IKS-MEDIA

telephone: (495) 150-64-24, fax: (495) 150-64-24


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